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Simplicity Versus The Delusion Of Sophistication

It is a fact of life. Simplicity in any format commands no premium.

The outer frills which glam the core content are given a higher value than the core itself. This tendency has something to do with a misplaced sense of ego and identity both put together.

As a consequence, one can be a recipient of flawed inputs which one implements in one’s activities only to regret when too late. Most of us don’t realize that the seeming complexity of the unknown glams up that very unknown.

Understanding that unknown dissolves the glam associated with it and a genuine guide/advisor will be devoid of this glam but brimming with knowledge and will be only too happy to share it with and empower you. The swagger will be missing but genuine humble advice will be forthcoming.

When choosing a consultant or an #investmentadvisor, one has to be very aware about this tendency in most of us. Don’t get over-awed and intimidated by a well-adorned swagger. At most times it is a cloak to cover ignorance.

In the domain of financial advisories and investing, don’t get intimidated by complex terminologies, abbreviations and 3 mile long words thrown at you. You are not supposed to know their meaning or significance; In fact you are supposed to be educated by your advisor or distributor about their meaning and significance.

Most of us feel awkward and sheepish about our ignorance which again is an unfortunate fallout of our education system where failure is a “bad” word.

As #investors, you should feel authorized to ask anything along with a multitude of “whys” related to the product being recommended. It is your hard earned money which is being invested and which will bear the brunt of a wrong decision.

We at #GreenTreeDistribution will be happy to answer all questions anyone may have to clear the cobwebs in investors’ minds. We support empowerment of investors and merit based recommendations and well suited #MutualFunds matching to the investor’s risk-taking capacities and needs. Do reach out on 9819712967 and visit

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