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10  significant reasons why Green Tree Distribution should be your Mutual Funds Distributor…

As you would have seen in the pages above there are about 10 Categories of Equity Mutual Funds, 16 Categories of Debt Mutual Funds and 6 Categories of Hybrid Mutual Funds.  Besides these, there are about 40 + mutual fund houses offering over 2000 + Mutual fund Schemes.


With their busy work schedule, we are sure most investors do not have the time and the expertise to review all schemes ,opportunities , ratings , risks and rewards of these various Mutual Fund Schemes.

We wish to enlist 10 significant reasons why Green Tree Distribution should be your Mutual Funds Distributor :

1.  We Protect your interests :


We will not allow you to fall prey to tips and recommendations of homegrown “experts”, and more tragically to the biased “advice” of the ever changing Relationship Manager. The price of this unfortunate situation is discounted returns on your portfolio which dangerously so, doesn’t become apparent especially when markets are doing well.


2.  Recommending the right Portfolio :


Backed by solid research, we will build for you a portfolio that includes   consistent performers. This portfolio will be balanced in terms of risk,  monitored regularly for weeding out under-performing funds over time and  rebalanced periodically to maintain the asset allocation suited to your age and risk profile.


3. Regular Monitoring :


Portfolio and individual scheme performances are regularly monitored . Under-performers if any are eliminated thus ensuring optimum portfolio performance in the long term.


4. Recommendations are strategy-driven :


Systematic investment strategies and other such strategies are built into the portfolio evolution process ensuring maximum returns. These strategies backed by active monitoring ensure that the portolio out-performs the benchmark consistently.

5. Uniform Service Levels :


Our client base includes Top professionals  like senior Doctors, Business Owners, Public Limited companies , Non-Resident Indians and other Retail Clients. Our service quality across all client profiles and sizes remains constant.


6. Our Skin In the Game :


Our own personal money gets invested into the same funds which are being recommended to you.


7. Protecting Your Portfolio:


As part of your portfolio construction, we will build-in a term-life protection plan to ensure that if you are not there, your portfolio continues to live, grow and evolve thus fulfilling all the investment objectives and goals you had envisioned for your family.


​8. Long Term Benefits : 


A sound and secure retirement strategy as one of the financial goals will be incorporated within your portfolio so that your quality of life is not compromised even when your active professional life gradually tapers.

9.  Tech based Reporting :


Client feed-back and reporting is technology-driven making it easily accessible and reliable. You have 24 x 7 access to reports and data via your phone / desk top.

Most Importantly :

10. Holistic Management of your Portfolio :


 Our portfolio Management strategy is based on the big picture of your investment canvas. Products are recommended based on current distribution of your money and take into account your financial goals always keeping your risk taking capacity in mind. Thus all product recommendations take into account the big picture of your investment canvas and are never random or emotion-driven.

These are the 10 significant reasons why  Green Tree Distribution should be your mutual fund distributor today !!


Please connect / register with us at or connect on a phone call or  whats app at +91 9819712967 / 9819706527  to get onboard for a rewarding investing experience.

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